Welcome to Randy's web!

December 27th 2009

This is Randy's web. I put up pictures of what I have now and some other stuff also from this year. I'm busy working on my website right now as have not uptated it for almost a year because I lost the memory stick with all the website stuff on it. Like I said, I'm working on my website so some links might not work right now, or some images might not show up. I'll fix it, don't worry.

This is me.

This is my PlayStation 3 Slim. My PSN is R_Pizz3l

My Xbox 360 (60 GB HDD)

My Nintendo Wii


My PSP camera. This is probably what I will be taking most of my pictures with from now on.

My iPod Touch

My laptop.

This is my current video gaming setup.

All these pictures were taken with my PSP Camera (exept the picture of my PSP)

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